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Japanese Internment

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Japanese Internment

Today’s media coverage of the war in Iraq is very similar to the coverage of the Japanese Internment camps in respect that the government of then and now controls media coverage. The government dictates what will be said and to what extreme it will be presented. For instance, on network news stations such as CNN, MSNBC, and FOX news, the story of the war in Iraq will always look like the American government is liberating, not occupying, when in reality we are not only despised by the people of Iraq, but a majority of the world as well. These three networks will never tell us that because the government will not allow it. These network news establishments are the propaganda of our government and of George Bush’s administration.

During World War II in the days following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the American government stressed the urgency to detain all Japanese people on the west coast, in the name of national security. It is very similar to the rounding up of Middle Eastern citizens post-911. The Patriot act was passed during the panic and chaos of our country after the attack. Along with this chaos came a war and during the war of America, our government got away with everything. News, radio, and the daily papers probably did for the 40’s government what network news is doing today. I actually spoke to some people, including my classmates and my parents, and they all seemed to agree that the threat of terrorism is exaggerated to a point of being ridiculous.

These subjects differ mainly because of people like you and me. We are the new enlightened people of our time. We do not allow the propaganda of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to convince us of the BS. We have what people in other times of history didn’t have, such as the Internet, MORE outlets of media, satellite, and communications. With all these forms of communication,



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