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Jack the Ripper

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The case of Jack the Ripper is a murder unsolved as numerus others are, but a century after it remains to be a fact of mystery. There are strong arguments which can solve this enigma, notwithstanding it is a burning issue in books, in press or at school.

Why Jack the ripper is still a mysterious case today ?

This set of documents is dealing with the popularity of Jack the ripper through the unknow identity of the caracter at the 21th century.


It's a burning issue because Jack the ripper is often treated in newspapers but not only.

It is in the title of books like 'the Complete Jack the Ripper' by Donald Rumbelow, the subject of 'The lodger' wich is also a film talking about the same case.

A very popular book is written by Stephen knight and called 'Jack the ripper : the final solution' wich inspired a novel called 'From Hell'. Paul begg also wrote about the case like Patricia Cornwell, a ripperologist.

It represents a complete serie of documents for some are novels and others are official documents which are studdied at school and represent what really happened in the Victorian era in England.


But today, even if there is a lot of studies about the jack the ripper, the identity of the murderer remains unsolved even if the improvements leave to new hypothesis. It creates all the time new intrigues. There is still investigations today to know what happened and who deliberatly killed a large number of person. The second document shows the same reality, a research of different suspects since the case occured. The third explains more in details who are the different suspects appeared with the apearance of the technical progress. Ripperologists do hypothesis



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