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The Real Generation Gap by Marianne Jennings

In "The Real Generation Gap", Marianne Jennings; a legal and ethical studies professor, speaks about the five areas that our generation is lacking. These five areas are skills, knowledge, critical thinking, work ethics, and morality.

Jennings states that Generation X, born in the 1980's, have a distinct disadvantage from that of the parent's generation. The first example, as Ms. Jennings says, is the skills gap. She states in her essay that our placement tests, SAT, and ACT are declining as a whole, but grade inflation is covering up the decline.

The Second is the knowledge gap. Ms. Jennings says, "Indoctrination is partly to blame for the knowledge gap." Textbooks have been changed to be politically correct. In making textbooks "P.C." the publishers left out important information that is crucial in learning.

Third is the critical thinking gap. Jennings tells us that Generation X doesn't actually think about a situation they have been given, and just answer with what seems to be the most profitable.

The work ethic gap comes next. It says in this paragraph that most believe that an active social life is more important than being successful at the workplace. This sheds light on our "give me things for free" attitude.

Last is the morality gap. Jennings states in this section that Generation X has no sense of morality. Generation X's conclusion is that a moral decision depends upon the situation. This shows Generation X has no moral baseline.

Jennings states that parents should teach their children the way they were taught. Also parents should be valiant in defending their beliefs. She would like parents to establish a moral code and police their children in school so they are taught the way parents want them to be.



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