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It 380 Final Milestone Cyberleet Technologies Research Paper

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Essay Preview: It 380 Final Milestone Cyberleet Technologies Research Paper

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1.1 Introduction        5

1.2 Your Role at CyberLeet        5

1.3 Purpose of This Manual        6


2.1 Confidentiality        7

2.2 Integrity        7

2.3 Availability        8


3.1 Password Policies        9

3.2 Acceptable Use Policies        9

3.3 User Training Policies        10

3.4 Basic User Policies        10


4.1 Theft        11

4.2 Malware        11

4.3 Your Choice        12



You are the training manager at CyberLeet Technologies, a midsized firm that provides cybersecurity services to other businesses. CyberLeet’s core customer base is sole proprietorships and other mom-and-pop shops that are too small to have their own IT departments and budgets. Generally speaking, your clients have a reasonably high risk tolerance, and put a premium on the functionality of their IT systems over stringent security measures. However, you also have clients that must protect highly sensitive information in order to continue operating successfully. For example, CyberLeet supports a few small public-accounting firms that need to maintain important tax-related information, as well as several day-care businesses that must keep children’s health records private while allowing necessary access for certain caregivers. In the past year, CyberLeet has experienced rapid growth, which means you can no longer personally provide one-on-one training to every new information security analyst as they are hired. Therefore, you have decided to create a training manual that will explain to the current and future cohorts of new hires the essential principles and practices that they must understand in order to be successful in their role as information security analysts at CyberLeet.


Manual Layout

There are four sections in the manual, which cover all the components of a new employee training manual. As the training manager, you must complete each section using information you learned in this course. Refer to the background information on CyberLeet and apply the appropriate information that best matches based on the size of the company, the value of cybersecurity, and its core tenets. Apply best practices of cybersecurity principles for addressing the common threat scenarios of a sole proprietary business. The main sections of the manual you are responsible for completing are the following:

  • Introduction
  • Core tenets of cybersecurity
  • Developing cybersecurity policies
  • Threat mitigation scenarios

In Section One, describe the organization. Provide a short history of the company, define the way it operates, and describe its place within the industry and the community it serves. Follow the prompts to complete each section. All prompts should be deleted prior to submitting this section.

SECTION 1:        Introduction: Welcome to CyberLeet

1.1 Introduction

Any kind of companies, big or small the internet is crucial for their business, from communicating with their customers, colleagues and/or partners around the world, to carrying out transactions and new contracts, to submitting payroll for their employees, the internet is vital for the success of a business. Nevertheless, it does come with its risks, with the advancement of technology we have a rise on cybercrime, who can bypass all security measures and the need to be able to stay on top of installing ant-virus or security software updates, staying on the know on the latest threats is crucial to deter determined cybercriminals. By having a business connected to the web at all time, CyberLeet Technologies must be at the forefront of security and be able to deal with threats and assets, communication, and enhance secure collaboration to all our clients. For ant company, there is no room for errors, a breach can be costly, time-consuming and it can even cause a business to fail. We must always keep in mind, data is the vehicle that drives all business, and the security of data is fundamental to the success of a business.

In a Forbes article written in 2017 by Nick Eubanks he stated, “It’s estimated that cybercrime will cost approximately $6 trillion per year on average through 2021. That’s a massive figure, one that is almost impossible for most people to imagine. But more concerning than the number itself is what it means for modern businesses. And this year, in digital form, so it should come as no surprise that market perception is directly linked to how company security is managed” (Eubanks, 2017). It is our duty as part of CyberLeet Technologies to protect our client of any cyber threats.

1.2 Your Role at CyberLeet

Cyber-attacks have been on an increase around the world, with hackers and other cybercriminals affecting businesses large and small, their mission is to take valuable information and/or bring computer networks to a standstill. Information security analysts are an asset, their ability to protect an organization’s data and information from such attacks is vital.

Main job duties are planning and implementing security measures to protect computer systems, networks and data. Information security analysts are expected to stay up-to-date on the latest intelligence, including hackers’ methodologies, to anticipate security breaches. They also are responsible for preventing data loss and service interruptions by researching new technologies that will effectively protect a network.

Additional duties may include:

  1. Initiating, testing and executing network disaster recovery plans
  2. Presenting risk assessments and analyzing data processing systems
  3. Setting up firewalls, data encryption and any additional security procedures
  4. Advising any security enhancements and purchases needed (New England College, 2017)



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