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Issue Of Gun Control

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For this assignment there were countless options that were presented for me to engage in. The purpose of this paper is to go into detail explaining what type of activity I was involved in and the responses I received from those around me. This paper will also mention some of the variables involved in my activities (for example: location, type of environment, and how many people were involved). In concluding my paper I will explain how it felt to do the things I did, and how I would feel if I saw or heard someone doing what I had done.

For my experiment I decided to randomly scream very loud and unexpectedly, at complete strangers, in several different parking lots and stores. The first attempt at this experiment was thought of by me and a few friends at Easton town center, while driving in front of the AMC movie theater. I had noticed the large quantity of people entering and exiting the shopping center, unaware of our presence. Immediately the idea formed into a plan in my head. Realizing that we were in my truck and would have a good get away vehicle incase if anyone became offended by our experiment, we decided to go ahead and do it. Rolling down my window slightly enough to see the shocked faces of everyone, I made sure my exit was clear of vehicles and people. I instructed my friend sitting in the front seat to also lower his window. Together we counted to three and then let out a blood-curdling scream. We noticed the various age groups and each having their own reactions. For example the younger children, probably about 6-8 years of age, eyes expanded with fright and surprise; leaving them clinging desperately to their parents. The parents reaction was more upset than fear, and probably consisted of them mumbling rude names for us under their breath. The teenagers that were just parking their vehicle, began laughing hysterically. Some people simply did just chose to ignore us and would not even give us a second thought.



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