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Gun Control

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\\\"It takes a special kind of courage to be alone: to be alone with your thoughts: to be alone with your fears;

to be alone with your doubts. This courage is not the superficial brand stimulated by the flow of adrenalin.

Neither is it the courage that comes from the fear that others may think one a coward.

It is the courage born of honor.\\\"

This is the definition of a sniper. A person whoes soul purpose is to kill for not their purpose but for the purose of their country. They do not take pride in their purpose but feel that if they do not complete their duty that others will perishy. My father and uncle are snipers but from to different generations of snipers. This paper is a two part paper. The first part deals with the relationship children have with their parents in a military family. While the second part will be on the evolution of snipers from vietnam war to the wars of today.

Growing up with a father that loved and worship the Marine Corps is not as common as you think. Most of my friends growing up were children of military parents. The one thing they can all argee on is that their values and child hood is different from regular children. Some of the values they share with me is that of lovatly not only to our parent but our country as well. They say the sarcifice their parents did for their country and it make me and them feel they should contribute in some way. Most of my friend are going into the military but other like me feel that is not the best way we can contribute so we are doing it in different ways. We also share the valve of hard work and determination. You can say my parents pushed me to a little to hard to do certain things but they were tring to show me to try different things but also we you do something you have

to give it 110 percent all the time. My father had a peticular interest in keeping physcial fit so every morning know matter how tired i was he would have me doing some kind of physcial fitness before I went to school. I learned during my survey of my friends that they to had some type of physcial training they had to do everyday as well. I hated doing it when i was young but we I start playing sports I saw what his motives were for it. No matter what sport I try I excelled in the physciall aspect in it. I was lasting longer and lifting more than any other player or teammate. Because of all that training and the value to give it 110 percent, I went on to win high school state champship two years in a row in wrestling. All my friends can defiently conclude that even though are childhood might have been tough and stress full at times, it has made us for the

people we are today. And we would not change that for the world. The one thing that the survey concluded that was the diffculty to adjust to having to move every 3 to 5 years. I say three to five cause that was the average time someone stayed at a certain post, unless you were asigned to a special post. One thing that all military children try to do is keep in touch with as many of our friends that we have meet through our moving, and with certain websites like my space and espically facebook it has got easier. Still it is hard to move and meet new friends ever five years or so cause you know you will be moving in a couple of years. We all went threw a phase of some type of depression cuase of it. We only had to move 4 times before my dad retired and moved back to georgia.

Snipers are ghosts In the battles of war today. They are hiding in the shadows waiting for that one momentment, when all their traing and expertise can be put to use to fire one shot. One shot that will conclude into one kill if everything

goes right. Sniper have been present in every modern day war. But the problem with them is that they were not unifed nor managed by snipers. This present a problem because the officers did not know how to use them efficiently in battle. This was the cause until the Vietnam war, when a division of snipers was organized and trained by Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hanthcock. The people they selected all had some common characticis they thought would be needed for snipers. First they had to be above average intelligence. They needed people that could think for themselves and adapt to sititiions that persent themselves int he field. Second they had to be outdoorsman/ woodsmand. They needed to possess

a knowledge of tracking as well as things in their enviroment. For instance certain plants they could eat or how to navigate at night with stars or land marks. The third and most important



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