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Is Parenting a Cause of Psychological and Ethical Issues in Children?

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Essay Preview: Is Parenting a Cause of Psychological and Ethical Issues in Children?

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“Is poor parenting a cause of psychological and ethical issues in children?”

Poor parenting may be responsible for the psychological and ethical issues in children of younger age as well as in teenagers. It may also lead to violent and aggressive behaviours in individuals resulting in the excess number of criminals and terrorists.

Parenting plays a very important role in the behaviourism and mannerism of a child. Thus, good parenting is an essential requirement of a kid. Children follow whatever they see, especially they follow the footsteps of their parents and perceive from their actions. However, environmental factors also contribute in a child’s upbringing. But questions arise that does parenting plays a role in a child’s future? Does poor parenting cause psychological issues in children? Does bad parenting cause ethical issues in a child? So, this argumentative essay gives answers to all these questions.

Poor parenting refers to the act of not being a good parent. It includes neglecting your child, avoiding your child due to your busy life, setting up a bad example for the kid by behaving in bad way, aggressive behaviour, favouritism, showing irresponsible financial attitude, not believing the child etc. Poor parenting doesn’t only mean not giving required attention to children. However, it may also include giving more than necessary attention to them making them feel suffocated. Physical punishment and poor supervision are also bad parenting aspects that can negatively affect children. It is quite clear that children do whatever they see their parents doing. If a child sees its mother or father lying to save themselves from something, the child starts doing the same.

Sometimes children demonstrate antisocial behaviour, and this antisocial behaviour can lead to problems like drug addiction, poor mental and physical health. When a child demonstrates antisocial behavior, she doesn’t consider how her actions may harm others. According to the UK’s Department for Education, severe forms of antisocial behavior can lead to drug and alcohol abuse, poor health, mental health problems, unemployment and adult crime. Parenting styles that could lead to this type of behavior include inconsistent and harsh parenting, as well as parental drug abuse, maternal depression and domestic violence. Adults who are permissive, coercive, and negative and have critical attitudes are more likely to have children with antisocial tendencies.

Harsh parenting can lead to further fatal problems such as depression and domestic violence. Such adults that have negative and critical attitudes are more likely to have children that fall prey to these problems. Bad parenting also results in poor resilience. Poor resilience leads to failure to cope with negative emotions in a good and healthy manner. Bad parenting during early days of childhood can lead to aggression in children.

When children fall prey to poor parenting, they may or may not choose paths, which might be destructive in any possible way. However, the leading cause of drug addiction, these days is poor parenting. When children aren’t provided with the necessary facilities such as attention, or face favoritism, they try to find relief in other activities. These activities may or may not be destructive. The child may become a recluse, and may fall prey to drug addiction. However, drug addiction has become a common problem these days, but its effects are quite devastating. They may think about the harms initially when



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