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Investigate Report Rough Draft

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Xi Liu


Weijiao Yao


Interview report of Angle Teahouse General Manager

In this summer, I am taking the ENG 332 online distance course to accomplish my English oral and writing skills in a professional way. The module 7 requires students to write a report interviewing a person who has a job of the kind that hired in five years. The person should have a college degree and the job should require a college degree. Before start the interview report, we have to plan a 20-30 minutes with my interviewee discussing the writing and oral communication the person does at work. We have two options to interview the guest which by phone or in face-to-face. Before the formal interview, we should provide a questionnaire document which collect quantitative data about his communication practice at work.

  • Research Method

I visited Xi Liu, the general manager of Tea House in China, about interviewing daily working condition in professional writing. Xi host me in one of his teahouse in Beijing, and accepted my interview request for the professional skills in writing and oral investigation. We have maintained our interview period last for 30 minutes. [b]He used 5 minutes to complete the survey[c], which Dr. Reeds provides on the moodle. Generally speaking, he has an equal participation both in professional writing and oral communication. The whole interview procedure delivered the information about his individualized work experience and personal enchantment. In his office, he locates many green plants around the office, and with bright furniture collections inside of the glasshouse. He strongly recommends [d]the importance of locating the furniture and positions of the house. Because of traditional Chinese culture, he concerns [e]about the fortune of destiny and fate. In the meeting room, he has a wide and calm environment for guest and small groups of people.


  • Background information of company. [f]

Teahouse is a franchised traditional Chinese teashop combine with modern café service in the mainland China. Liu founded the first Angle Teahouse in 1999 downtown Beijing near their neighborhood, the University of Tsing Hua University. Inspired by his love of food and traditional Chinese drink and driven by he creativity, the Angle Teahouse was convinced and conceived and brought to life. The Angle Teahouse celebrates classic café fare alongside globally influenced coffees and teas in an environment that is both tasteful and friendly. Nowadays, he remains integral to daily life at the Angles through their stores, community involvement, and search for inspirational products for their customers. Stop by meet them and say hi if you’d like, chances are you’ll find them chatting with one of the many regular customers who have now become their friends. They have expanded their business in Shanghai, Xi’an and Guangdong since 2002. They are hold as private merchandise and provide the best quality and service to their customers. The headquarter locates in the central SOHO of Beijing.


In his working schedule, he has divided three parts of working time period. Xi said he has to pay 54% attentions on oral communication rather than 34% in professional writing time. He owns 10 café shops in five metropolitan cities, which needs time to communicate and negotiate through technology and internet working. The questionnaire reflects the highest percentage among writing, reading, and oral speaking has approached to 70%. Because of the bachelor degree in literature, he has practiced in researching history and philosophy when he was in the university. However, English as a second language to Xi, has faced a challenge to the foreigner customers and clients. In the normal English writing communications, he will response to the business partner with clarifications and professional negotiations. In the managerial field, he has devoted himself to 54% on focusing oral communications. Oral communication, Xi determined, a strategy to improve a better service and managerial method in the long-term development. [g]


  • Comparison

Report Year

%of time spent writing email

% of claiming writing is essential to performance

Completion of College Pro. Communication Course













  • Interpretation

After the private interview from Xi, his determination and involvement in the business combined with skillful communication techniques[h]. From his specialized decorations of the environment, guests and employees will calm down their emotional feeling and concentrate on the meeting.

  • Recommendations

In the long run, Xi will improve the communication skills in proper and professional ways which respects the client and produce the efficient negotiation result. On the other hand, if Xi prepared to open the foreign market, the culture of western written rules and communication burden will affect the successful business in the future. In case, learning background knowledge of western culture and message deliver method both in writing and speaking. Reading skills will provide another channel to understand the business secret and market development.


    The professional English writing have significant influence on communicating with business partners and clients. The service and language they show wherever on documents, emails, and normal communication, requires a productive and efficient communication techniques. In my future workplace and job application, a proper writing and oral communication skill is required. Base [i]on the job requirements, improving in reading skills and practice [j]the professional writing format in the future career.



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