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Introduction Case: Mak Tim Resort

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Essay Preview: Introduction Case: Mak Tim Resort

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Business model are the continues progress planning in achieving the objective and the purpose of doing a business in the specific area or market place by generate profit to the company. By having business model, the scope of target market is more clearly based on the service or goods that business provides to the customers.

Based on Mak Tim Resort Cases, the business model that related to this case is sole proprietorships, distributed, and partnership family business model. Fazil started Mak Tim Resort as sole proprietorships by rent room in his house for customer. The idea start to be generate by Fazil where he saw there is an opportunity in making profit by doing this kind of businesses. After Fazil demise, Zainal one of Fazil child takes over the business, the inherent business keeps going by time to time. Zainal and his wife Raihan are responsible in handling the business through daily of resort operation time.

Sole proprietorships business model, in this business model, the ownership only remained to the owner only where the decision making, planning strategy, and marketing are decide by the owner. In Mak Tim Resort, Fazil are the first owner of the resort where he starts the business in his own house. In the case show how Fazil run the business by control all the operation of the business from the scratch.

Distribute business model, usually in the family business parent want their children to inherent the business due to the trust to family is higher than the others. In this business model the assets of the business can be secure in the family circle. Distribute business model also will be exposed to the policy change made by the new owner in keep the business move forward in this modern era.

Zainal began the resort business by building 3 units of chalet houses. Each unit had 2 family rooms. The 3 wooden houses had a front porch and basic room furniture. Till now, the Mak Tim Resort had 15 chalet houses with 30 rooms, and 4 guest houses. The development of resort use funds from revenue and also from funds contributed by two of Zainal’s brothers. By analyse the business case of Mak Tim Resort, we found that there are several problem faced by the resort. First of all, it is the issue whether the resort is going concern and can be able to generate revenue in the long term and compete



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