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Internet Game Changer

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Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) designed the prototype of Internet in 1962. Initially, the memory was merely able to save only a few thousand words, which can hardly read any programming. And the Internet thereafter was progressed contiguously. However, Internet was not yet open to public for a long period of time. In 1991, Tim Berners-Lee proposed the World Wide Web (WWW) project. After that the invention of first web browser, which is called Mosaic, the words of ‘internet’ begins to prevail. This essay will discuss the dramatic impact of the Internet on the world. Wide information and intense interactions of user have made Internet a great success, followed by development of Internet-based daily life.

The game changer internet has revolutionized the human lifestyle and computer, and communications world like nothing before. Before the appearing of the internet, a computer can only be used for simple calculation, which even not include uncomplicated sharing and searching functions. It was inconvenient and time-wasting since we had to search academic information from the book and communicate with foreigners by using letters or telephones. Therefore, the important invention Internet, which is a worldwide information exchange, propagation and congregation center even a medium for interaction between individuals and their computers without regard for geographic location by Leiner et al.(2012), was developed to solve these problems. We can browse any news and information on the internet. Additionally, we can communicate with oversea people immediately. This contrivance is a turning point of our world that alter the human life culture. We don’t have to travel around and still can know what are happening in the world, even we can shop, work and study at home or any place if the place has internet. Our life has been hugely changed from the internet birth.

The internet succeeded largely due to seamless integration with the rich and varied information and interactive platform for users. Users are enabled to search for relevant information and do internet activities by just using an electronic device. Online shopping without geographic restriction is one of the most typical examples. For the other hand, a user probably makes use of social medias, like Facebook, twitter or YouTube, to market themselves or their products on the internet, and thus more people grasp this opportunity to earn an additional income or even explore a new market. Moreover, users play a crucial role in the success and prevalence of the internet since users, in fact, are information providers and boosters of the internet. The internet succeeded to narrow the distance of the world, and in another word the world becomes an “earth village”. Users can communicate, trade and exchange via the internet regardless how long is the distance.

Waddell and Khagram(2007) pointed out that with the rise of global networking nowadays, the internet plays a significant role in our daily life. A human can hardly live without the internet now, because many trades, research, and business are conducted



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