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International Relations Committe

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I’m the Exchange coordinator fr, India writing this mail regardi Please find the attached file of schedule of the college submitted by the students to

I would like to re

The exposure I was subjected to while being on the ship, working towards completing my B.Sc. in Nautical Science, shaped my life. I completed my nautical science in 2017 and worked as Trainee Navigating Officer in Pacific International lines, Singapore and got an opportunity to visit 9 different countries and exposure to various culture.

International Relations Committee is the face of at international level, which ensure that students of should get a proper global exposure about the business at international level.

Joining International Relations Committee is the next best step to enhance my strategic planning and relationship management characteristics. This would shape my future and help me make my name in the corporate world. I was in contact with multinational crews regularly during my training on board ship which helped me in building good communication skills and taught me how to collaborate with them, thus interacting with various international institutions and embassies would come easily to me.

The adventurous and extreme conditions increased my adaptability to every situation. I am enthusiastic to join the International Relations Committee because it bridges the gap between students of and the international institutions and help them to succeed in the exchange program.

I have always been consistent in completing the jobs provided to me as a team leader but also being a ship security officer ensuring condition and safety of the ship and everyone onboard. I have always been ambitious to grasp not only academic skills but skills that might come in handy to help people.

I want to become a part of IRC because I think the most important skills required to be a part of an international body of an institution is to have good communication skills and a proactive mindset.As I was a member of toastmaster club of my undergrad institute for good 3 years,I think I have developed decent



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