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International Business

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Essay Preview: International Business

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International Business is rapidly increasing fast in the world today and can change the countries economies. If one event occur in another country may impact another country or even the rest of the world. International business can be defined as either private or government business activities conducted across national boundaries.

Human rights is a huge issue in international business because of trading with countries who mistreat their citizens. A fact about trading with these other countries allows any leader and the rich community to be beneficial. But still allows the mistreatment to go on. On the other hand, if there is no trade with these countries then there will be a crippled economy in that country and still allowing the mistreatment to go on.

Another international business issue to consider would be the use of sweatshops in countries around the world. Sweatshops are a very unethical way of labor. Sweatshops are factories in third-world countries where people often work for a very small wage, producing a variety of products such as clothes, toys, shoes, electronics and other consumer goods. T he workers may be working in a harsh environment with inadequate ventilation, and may sometimes be abused physically, mentally, or sexually, subjected to long hours and harsh or unsafe conditions. Some companies nivolved are The Gap, Wal-M



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