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Intelligence Test Sample Behavior

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Intelligence test sample behavior. A specific test might twirls to unrepresentative scores. Most common problem with intelligence tests is that low motivation or high anxiety may drag down a persons score. Caution is always in order while interpreting IQ test even though they might be reliable. IQ test measure intelligence that is only necessary to do well in academic work, therefore it doesn't entirely measure ones intelligence and capability. Intelligence test were originally designed to for the purpose of predicting school performance. IQ clearly fosters success in school, but schooling also has a positive effect on IQ. Many factors affect grade more than intelligence. Some things that might affect this is motivation, diligence, and personality. Vocational success is vague so it's a difficult concept to quantify. IQ has been shown to be related to occupational attainment. "People who score high on IQ test are more likely than those who score low to end up in high-status jobs." In other western cultures with European roots IQ tests are widely used, in nonwestern cultures they seldom elm use IQ tests. One non-western area that they use is Japan. It's sometimes difficult to construct equivalent tests that measure the ingredients with equal reliability and validity in both cultural contexts such as those of the IQ test. Although tests are intended to measure potential of learning, these tests end up assessing a blend of potential and knowledge. There are three types of intelligence verbal, practical, and social. Verbal intelligence has to do with speaking clearly and articulately, being verbally fluent, is knowledgable of a particular field, and reads with high comprehension. An example of a person with a high verbal intelligence is Ted Koppel. The second type is practical intelligence which has to do with seeing all aspects of a problem, sizing up situations well, makes good decisions, poses problems in an optimal way. An example of a person



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