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Integrated Marketing Communications

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1234 Wayfair St

Detroit, MI 48224

Dear Henry Harris,

Our objective here at Combs IMC Company revolves around increasing sales and increasing interests. These components include an approach to create a unified experience for consumers to interact with the Chevrolet’s 2019 Volt. As an integrated marketing communications company, we will utilize different channels including advertising, sales promotion, public relations and social media to present marketing for your company. It is our job to ensure that all marketing channels are consistent with a primary focus on the consumer.

As a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience, developing strategies and enhancing product is my passion. My work with Apple includes the Earth Day campaign ad. The company’s target market was millennials and we came up with a series if animated videos created by James Blagden. For one part of the series, we had Apple feature some of their employees who discussed ecofriendly initiatives the company is running just so the audience would be informed. Other videos included how Chinese solar farms produce energy and how Apple Park was reducing the cooling load. (business insider) We created the videos to have a slight humorous effect and step outside the box with the company. The videos series were featured on various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, as well as on streaming platforms including DirecTV Now and YouTube. This was a huge success for the company as they received great reception from their millennial audience.

With Chevrolet’s wishes to make the millennial target aware of the 2019 Volt’s value, we hope to assist with our successful marketing strategy. Our company has a division who specializes in targeting a younger audience and have performed various research studies to assist our clients. Our research includes surveys that states 76% of 2,500 millennials prefer an eco-friendly vehicle and 50% of the participants already owned a vehicle. This study shows us that the millennial generation are willing to try new things and think about the future. The cases we’ve studied are influential in determining vehicle purchases and sustainability. (InsideEvs)



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