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Innovative Managerial Skills Through the Experiential Learnings

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Essay Preview: Innovative Managerial Skills Through the Experiential Learnings

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Course Name: Innovation

Course Code: MApM 8.350

Assignment No and Title: Assignment 1A – Individual: Reflection Letter (Pt1)

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Student Name(s): Wijewickramage Kalhari Srimani Wijewickrama
Student ID:        2018004625
Programme:         Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management


Date:                 9th October 2018

Managerial skills are not necessarily genetic and can be achieved by any driven individual(Jones, O., Macpherson, A., & Jayawarna, D. 2014). In addition, effective managerial skills can be learnt through class lectures, independent studies and team works. Being an innovative entrepreneur requires having the ability to convince others about a ventures feasibility, competing for limited resources to found those ventures, dealing with possible opposition towards the project(Bessant, J. & Tidd, J. 2015)..

In my case, initially I expected to develop my innovative managerial skills through the experiential learnings, lectures and practical group assignments of this course which are vital key factors to improve self-innovative managerial skills and social skills by gaining experiences from experiential learnings and collaborations. Therefore I started this course to improve my above mentioned skills through lectures, self-learnings and group works which are generate future values for my career life.

Opportunities are the chances that a person may have to develop themselves further in the future (Pedlar, M. 2011). At first I realized I have many gaps in my knowledge related to managerial level. From the personal perspective, the most important personal learning opportunity that I presently have is the lectures and the self-studies of this course which support to fill the knowledge gaps.

Teamwork is the collaborative effort of a team to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in a most effective and efficient way(Montebello, Anthony, R., Buzzotta, & Victor, R. 1993). Teamwork experience is essential to achieve common goals in my career future life therefore, I able to get such experiences from group assignments in the university. That might be a great opportunity for me to confront the challenges in future when work as a team member. Teamworking is important for developing managerial skills and includes a series of transaction to gain experiences.

I’m aware that I’m not particularly comfortable in unfamiliar formal settings and I had internationally created a scenario where I would need to face such environment. (Briggs Myers, I.& Myers, P.B. 1980). As a fresher to the New Zealand, I have to improve my knowledge and skills according to the current context. Hence, this course able to transform myself as a innovative managerial level employer. Lack of managerial skills and knowledge is a real world future challenge for me at the present, and I aim to overcome those challenges by learning this course. As well as it is a great opportunity to me for a successful future.

         Once completed course, I expect to obtain an upper level position in New Zealand business entity. At a such position, skills and knowledge which gained at the course able to apply for the career prospective. Management is about using each individual’s strength in a joint performance to move towards a common goal (Ducker, P. 2008). Knowledge is a vital factor in every person’s carrier life. I can use my theoretical knowledge when making managerial decisions in my profession. As well as,  I able to work efficiently with my team members in future by using skills which gained from this course, and able to encourage the team members to engaging activities such as knowledge sharing and understanding. Hence, thoroughly trust this course may be a golden opportunity for me to build-up my future successfully.



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