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Information Technology

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Bahaedin Naemi

Assignment #4

1. I believe it does raise a big ethical dilemma. There always has been a fine, but hard to recognize, line between invasion of privacy and homeland security measures. And also as mentioned in the text having too much information might bias the decisions that the intelligence agencies make because as the amount of the data increases also the number of logically valid but actually useless solutions grows just as rapidly. I think the same argument stands in the case of Canada's Anti-Terrorism Act.

2. I thinks we would undertand the threat to civil liberties, posed by the Anti-terrorism Acts more clearly if we concentrate on the fact that, what if the Americans or Canadians succeed in eliminating all the terrorist groups and there are no more threats to worry about. How would the new obtained information on the citizens be used by the governments? I believe this would be the starting point that unfortunately lowers the measures of civil liberty but I am afraid that in the long run not only it will not do us any good but it will raise many difficult threats.

3. I think the thical issue that could be brouth up here is that, by tracking and profiling personal data would create a sense of being watched amongst people and will result in lack of trust. Also socially I believe this issue will raise a sense of miss-trust amongst the citizens also the level of stress would increase which could result in domestic crimes. And politically as mentioned before I believe the facft that it is never certain the collected information by whom, and how it is going to be used, points out the political dilemma sourrounding this issue.

4. I think they are useful

to some extend, but I believe there always is a crack for every system that is implemented, so overtime I believe the dangers are higher than the benefits.



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