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Individual Project Input Report

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Individual project input report

I worked within group 4 to illustrate habit 4. It is my third time to do assignment with group. In this report, so my some skills were developed. In this report, I will describe my experience, contribution, what I learned and what encouraged me.

Every member actively share their idea during meeting including me, because this assignment not closely relative to theories.  Because of that, I came up with many ideas and shared them. I think every meeting is effective, but we could not quickly choose the meeting time. We discussed the meeting time by what is up.  Even if we confirmed the meeting time, always our group has one or two members say they cannot come to meeting. I felt annoy especially when we wrote group report. However, I can share my experience of doing presentation to help my members to organize structure of our presentation. Otherwise, other members also came up with many different and novel ideas about how to do presentation. So my skill of dong presentation was improved.

During the meeting, I brain stormed my idea and examples about how we illustrate habit 4. Even though sometime my ideas were no accepted, I still tried thinking more helpful examples. One of my responsibilities is to explain what is lose-lose and to give audience one example. When we did the presentation, I also helped other member to complete his part.  As for the part of team report, I needed to draw the Gantt chart and to write explanation.  In addition, I am adept at using computer. Hence I provided technical support to member.

Due to members willing to share their idea, I obtained much knowledge. Firstly, I deeply understood habit 4 after read material and discussed with members. Secondly, when we wanted to make decision, they would put forward their opinion. Therefore, I can receive different suggestion from different aspect. Thirdly, I realized that detail decides success or failure. During the presentation, every member wear same dress is very important, especially uniform. Finally, making plan before start to do work is key point. Even though our group had very slow starting, we clearly know what we should do because we made plan when first time meeting.



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