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Improving Organization Retention Paper

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Improving Organization Retention Paper

Catina Hunter


Nov 7, 2016

Francis Uzonwanne

Improving Organization Retention Paper

There are many reasons that an organization can’t retain employees. Retaining employees should be a priority to the organization. At some point an organization may have to hire an I/O psychologist. Industrial and organizational psychologist are trained in the scientist practitioner model. I/O psychologists contribute to an organizations success by improving the performance motivation, job satisfaction, occupational safety and health as well as the overall health and well-being of its employees. Not being able to retain employees may result in the loss of profit and customers. Also resulting in being understaffed or hiring underqualified individuals. An organization should have good leadership to be prosperous. Great leadership could possibly increase employee retention. Jc’s casino has several issues that need to be resolved. Starting with leadership, workflow and communication. Jc’s casino is facing many different issues. Starting with leadership. An organization should have productive and positive leadership.

                        Motivation Theories

According to the circumstances theories can forsee people’s choice of task behaviors. Their effort or persistence(Spector, 2012). Employees at JC’s casino are paid a reasonable wage, but there is still a problem retaining employees. Jc’s should use the motivation theories, reinforcement and goal setting theories.

                        Goal-Setting Theory

                People appear to do a better job if they have committed to achieving a goal(Spector, 2012). That commitment helps businesses benefit from the theory of goal setting. Goal setting explains how peoples goals and intentions can result in behavior(Spector, 2012). Motivation begins inside the person. Goal setting is a plan of action made to motivate. JC’s casino should implement a plan by asking the employees questions. What are their goals? How can they improve at their job. What can the company do to help them achieve those goals. There doesn’t appear to be any goals set by management or the staff. This could help with morale amongst the employees. Through an understanding of the effect of goal setting on individual performance, organizations are able to use goal setting to benefit organizational performance. Locke and Latham (2002)

                                Reinforcement Theory

Reinforcement theory states that a persons’ behavior can be altered by using reinforcement, punishment and extention(Spector, 2012).Starting with leadership. Leaders should lead by example. They should set expectations. Starting with being on time and present for their shift.  Although they are paid well JC’s casino employees are still leaving to work at lesser paying jobs. Housekeeping is severely understaffed because apparently, “good help is hard to find”(Spector, 2012). The employees are not receiving acknowledgement for performing well. This has led to employees allowing their performance to deteriorate over time. Housekeeping understaffed and morale is low. The should be rewarded for their hard work with s There are no incentives to stay employed there. Asking employees questions concerning thing that would make them stay. Such as, what are some incentives that would motivate them. What could leadership do to help? Good performances should be rewarded. Being rewarded could possibly destress a stressful job situation. Leadership could screen employees more closely. Maybe give them sign on bonus for staying employed there for more than a year without attendance issues. There should be consequences for those that don’t perform accordingly or have attendance issues. “presuming that people have the necessary ability and that constraints on performance are relatively low, high levels of motivation should lead to a good job performance” (p. 194). Reinforcement should be a positive experience for both employer and employee.

                Occupational Stressors

According to Spector (2008), "a job stressor is a condition or situation at work that requires an adaptive response on the part of the employee" (p. 292). There need to be goals set up to make working at the casino a better experience for the workers. Occupational stressors can affect employers and their performance. Stressors can be a major hazard for workers. Situations, such as downsizing, over working, being understaffed can all contribute to stress. JC’s casino there appear to be quite a few stressors. Joe, the pit boss is a major stress. He’s been described as “toxic, overbearing, evil and incompetent”.The HR director Tom Sneed is afraid to address the situation. He knows that the owner and Joe are related. This has resulted in employees seeking employment elsewhere. The employees feel like they should not to subjected to that behavior. Which in turn cause the casino to be understaffed.  Although employees mentioned his behavior in exit interviews the situation has not changed. Tom Sneed should talk to the owners about Joe’s poor attitude.

Housekeeping doesn’t have enough staff. Which is causing other workers to be over worked. Customers are arriving and rooms are not ready. This leads to customers not being satisfied and often complaining to the staff. Stressing the staff with being overworked and customers taking out their frustrations on the staff. Andrew the director stated, “good help is hard to find”. A good team needs a good leader. Andrew’s attitude towards the workers is a stressor. That statement is very negative. The owners of the casino should begin to look at the people that are in leaderships roles. The administration staff has been asked to clean rooms. That is not in their job description. There needs to be more staff. Staff that is trained properly. Being understaffed could lead to tension between management and the staff. The staff is being asked to work more with less staff. The casino needs more staff, better work hours. They should also seek the advice of the employees they have to make the work environment better.



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