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Expansionism during the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century was mostly a continuation of past United States expansionism. The opinions of many Americans were the same when it came to imperialzing. They had felt the same way about moving further west during the manifest destiny. Many felt that it was our God given right and that we must claim the "unoccupied" land and civilize the people in it so that it may become prosperous. (Document f) We also saw imperialzing as an opportunity to benefit from the raw materials and goods the other countries had to offer. Plus America felt that if these other world powers were imperializing that we should too. (Document a) Others however disagreed and saw imperialzing as a form of aggression; just because America was now a powerful country it shouldn't bully weaker countries.

Rudyard Kipling was an author who started most of the world with imperiaizing. When he wrote "The White Man's Burden", he had made America along with many other countries to imperialize. Roosevelt, one of the presidents in power during imperialism, assumed international police power in the western hemisphere and prevent European interference. He thereby justified intervention in Latin American affairs. This philosophy grew out of Roosevelt's interpretation of the Monroe doctrine. Charles Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest also got interpreted and distorted, the strongest species had turned into the strongest races would survive. Americans were also pretty racist at the time, whites had to help other countries and tell the leaders how to rule the people. As Americans we also felt that we should be able to benefit from other countries raw materials and goods. The nations that were being imperialzed were "unoccupied" and that they must be colonized as soon as possible because they were limited and would soon be taken. So basically imperialize those countries now before other countries do. (Document b) Mahan said that one of the things we needed to become a successful country was to have markets overseas. There were 3 things that America had to do in order to become successful; imperializing other countries so that we can benefit from their raw materials was one of them. (Document c) Many Americans believed that as, as supporters of civil liberties and Christianity, were members of a God-favored race destined to lead the world. They had felt that imperialzing was a right God had given to them and that they must spread their superiority onto other countries. Imperialzing would also let them benefit from the countries raw materials. (Document e)

At the same time there were groups of people who had totally disagreed with this view. For example the anti-imperialist league fought against annexation particularly in the Philippines. They attracted



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