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Imperialism and How It Has Affected Me

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Imperialism and How it Has Affected Me

Why fix something that isn’t broken?Being an American in the 21st century, there is little knowledge going around about imperialism and the many forms it takes. Being mostly known as a way gain more land through military force, it can also be accomplished by keeping poor countries indebted to richer ones effectively keeping them poor. Imperialism is one of the major foundations of civilization today. And even with all these solutions given on how to stop it won’t. Not because it won’t work, but because we, as humans, love being in a position of power and don’t want to give it up without a fight. This is proven by every revolution in the past were the people revolted against the king.

Although, Africa isn’t a very popular continent for vacations in the 21st century, it has been a major factor in expansionism for many countries. Beginning in the early 1800s, Africa has been majorly affected by the outcome of outside imperialism, (France, U.K., Portugal etc), with its considerable strides in technology and growing national boundaries. Before Africa was fully colonized, there where fewer kingdoms mapped in 1880 then in 1913. But not everything candy canes and lollipops. Being a major source for slavery, Africa has lost a large amount of its culture to imperialism.

However, America is no exception to imperialism. We, as a nation, are known for our love for oil. Being known as one of the major fossil fuels in world, our usage of oil goes behind cars such as: plastic bags, cooking, and clothes along with various other items. And as advanced as we are as a nation, we still couldn’t make it as far as we did without imperialism. America stands tall because we put ourselves up there along with the help of smaller countries. Venezuela is a rather small country compared to others but has the largest supply of oil in the world. America has been very interested in Venezuela,



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