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Impacts of Air Pollution

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Air pollution is associated with synthetic materials and other harmful impurities that permeate and become part of the air. These materials are mostly industrial wastes, vehicle exhaust fumes, logging actions and so forth which produce solid particles and gases released into the air. There are many adverse effects that will happen to humans if immediate control measures are not taken to deal with pollution.

The main impact of air pollution is on human health. Humans will suffer from a variety of diseases, especially respiratory effects on the contaminated air. Humans need clean air for life. If the inhaled air is contaminated, its respiratory system will absorb various pollutants into the lungs. This will lead to the process of converting carbon dioxide to oxygen and can not be done with oxygen. This will cause the function of the lungs to be affected and the system of the blood flow will be problematic. The affect on respiratory system is carbon monoxide gas that can poison the oxygen transport system in the blood. Dust, smoke, mist, vapor or other substances also prevent eye sight and also affect human eyes. This results in various diseases. Pollutants such as sulfur dioxide also cause animals are threatened and killed. The animal's death is caused by the contamination of contaminated animal food after being exposed to the toxic material in the air. Another example is poisoning caused by lead (Pb) poisoning animals.

Air pollution also affects the plants. Plants need air in the process of photosynthesis and growth. If air contains contaminants, this results in a lack of carbon dioxide for chlorophyll production. If this is happening, the plants will start becoming yellow in colour and died. Plant tissues are also experiencing problems and will be deteriorated due to the reaction of pollutants that are stuck in trees and plants. There are 3 ways plants is damaged such as Necrosis (Leaf miscarriage), Chlorosis (Color change), and growth changes. For example, tomatoes, nuts, spinach and potatoes are also damaged by the presence of ozone gas in the air. This situation caused people lack of food and economic resources part of the inhabitants of the country was also disturbed. The plants will be exposed to various diseases and their outcome will be threatened.

In addition, air pollution also affects the global and local climate. Various waste chemicals such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide will dissolve with water vapor and it become as acid rain. This acid rain is very dangerous because it will absorbed into the soil and it will destroy the minerals in the soil until the soil becomes infertile. The presence of air pollutants will also affect ecological balance and ecosystems that have a comprehensive impact on the earth.

Not to mention, air pollution also affects the buildings. Especially those made of limestone, can be fractured and collapsed. This is because pollutants comprising harmful chemicals will stick and react to rocks and break down the buildings. The buildings will be brittle, decomposed, weakened, faded and dirty. Large expenses are needed to repair and restore.



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