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Impact Of Nutrition On Oocyte Quality

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Impact of Nutrition on Oocyte Quality: Cumulative Effects of Body Composition and Diet Leading to Hyperinsulinemia in Cattle

S.J. Adamiak, K. Mackie, R.G. Watt, R. Webb, and K.D. Sinclair, Scottish Agricultural College, Craibstone Estate, Bucksburn, Aberdeen AB21 9YA, United Kingdom

What is the intent of the authors?: The purpose of this study was to determine the combined effects of body composition and diet on the postfertilization development of oocytes which had been recovered from a number of heifers. The authors also sought to relate the oocyte quality to the metabolic status of the animals. The researchers were particularly interested in relating the quality of the oocytes to the plasma concentrations of insulin, IGF1, and leptin. Twenty-four heifers of low and moderate body condition were used in the study. The heifers were placed in one of two feeding levels, one which was equal to the maintenance requirements for these animals or one which was twice the maintenance requirements. Oocytes were collected on repeated occasions over the course of several weeks which made it possible to determine the cumulative effects of body composition, diet, and metabolism on oocyte quality.

What did you (the student reader) conclude from reading this article?: I concluded from the article that certain levels of feeding can effect oocyte quality, but the effects are dependent on the initial body condition of the animal. The high level of feeding was beneficial to oocytes from heifers of low body condition, but had a harmful effect on the oocyte quality of heifers of moderately high body condition. Furthermore, the study produced evidence which indicates that a significant number of the moderately fat heifers on the high level of feeding were hyperinsulinemic. This evidence suggests that high concentrations of plasma insulin can be associated with impaired oocyte quality.




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