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Immigration Essay

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For many, Ellis Island was a gateway into the United States. Ellis Island was opened in 1892 and it’s where immigrants from all over would come to get processed to enter the United States. Over 12 million immigrants went through Ellis Island. Many came to Ellis Island for many different reasons such as war, famine, political and economic oppression, and some just came to America for the freedom.The immigrants had to go through numerous health tests, literacy tests, background checks, and many more tests to be allowed in the U.S. They all had hopes for greater opportunity in the New World.

In order to come into the U.S. at this time you would have to be able to read, unless you were a wife going to your husband, a boy under 16 going to his parents, old men over 55 years old going to their children/ grandchildren, unmarried or widowed daughters going to their parents, or women going to their children or grandchildren. Only these people were allowed in the U.S. even if they cannot read. All boys older than 16, all men under 55 years old, all men over 55 years old who are not coming to children or grandchildren, and all single girls over 16 or widows who are not coming to their parents would have to be able to read. If they could not they would be sent home no matter their circumstances.

Many immigrants were turned away from entering the United States because they had a disease or were in bad physical condition. Mentally challenged, blind, or deaf men and women will not be able to come into the U.S. because they cannot find work. But children who are can only come into the United States if they’re going to their father. The Americans suggested that people should go to the doctor so they can tell you if you are healthy enough to stand the journey. Sick children were usually left behind by their parents until they are fully recovered. If you have skin diseases, tuberculosis, trachoma, favus, and any mental illness you were not allowed to live in



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