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Ilegal Immigration Solutions

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According to Wikipedia, approximately 400,000 and 600,000 immigrants have entered the United States illegally each year since 1992. Most illegal immigrants come through the US-Mexico border. Currently, Illegal immigrants represent a huge problem and a current political topic, not only in the US, but in many other countries. Illegal immigrants take away jobs from American-born citizens and tend to cause border counties to have higher crime rates. Immigrants present a major problem for workers because they will work longer and for much less than an American citizen would. The problem of illegal immigration could be solved by implementing stricter border control and a guest worker program.

By implementing more security on the US-Mexico border, the US could greatly reduce the number of illegal crossings each year. According to Wikipedia, most illegal crossings occur on the rural, unfenced Mexico-Arizona border, so one of the best solutions would be to add fencing along the border, as many political leaders have suggested. According to the Washington Post, in 2007, President Bush proposed the construction of 700 miles of vehicle barriers and fencing along this border. If President Bush's plan is implemented, the amount of unfenced border would be reduced to 1300 miles, making it tougher for illegal immigrants to cross. Another solution for weak border security is sending additional border patrol agents and national guardsmen to patrol the border. By increasing patrols along the border illegal aliens are more likely to be caught in the act and deported back to their home countries. According to, past increases of border patrol agents have dramatically lowered attempts to cross and have increased arrests. If the US would just slightly increase the number of border patrol agents there would be a noticeable increase of comprehensions. A combination of increased fences and border security represents one of the most effective measures the US could take to control its borders and drastically limit the number of illegal border crossings.

The guest worker program that President Bush has come up with represents an effective example of another solution to the USA's current illegal immigrant situation. According to the Washington Post, this guest worker program would allow foreign workersÐ'--including the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in the US, (according to Wikipedia)Ð'--to apply to work for three years. Also according to the Washington Post, each immigrant would be given an employer, provided



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