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If I Could Change One Thing In My Relatives Life

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Essay Preview: If I Could Change One Thing In My Relatives Life

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If I could change one thing in my mothers life to make it better i would

change the fact that she has systemic lupus. Systemic lupus is a blood disease involving the white blood cells. The white blood cells instead of attacking the germs in the body begin to attack the organs. Eventually the lupus kills some of the major organs in the body and they slowly start to shut down.

There are several reasons as to why I want my mother to feel better. The one that stands out greatly is because no matter what she is going through she never thinks of herself first. Every time anyone needs anything she lets herself suffer but makes sure she did everything she could do to help that person out. My mother is also one of the strongest people I know. She has been through so many things in her life but yet she is always able to put a smile on anyones face.

Along with lupus comes several other medical problems. Some of which make her body hurt and she is in severe pain. Me watching her go through the pain on a daily basis really make me depressed. I have often wished that I could take her pain away for just one day. I know as well as anyone else that wont happen anytime soon but I hope it does someday.

I know that there is the possibility that I as well could develop this disease. If I did I would almost be grateful so that I could understand what my mother has dealt with and has to go through. It would give us a special bond I believe. My mother is my idol an my hero and she always will be. Without her I would not be the person I am today.



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