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Ideal Political Party

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I picked the transparent hearts because I believe you have to be clear and honest to be true to the people you serve. After many hours of debating on the name of my political party I came up with this name. I think it ideally describes the matters and the way the party will address things. The transparent part is so people can see right through to your inner core. The heart is so people can relate to you and your vision. Also so they can see how you work and what motivates you.

What is important to my party is gun rights( Right to own), free college and health care. Gun ownership is the 2nd amendment and the right to bare arms. Yes the idea is very old and dates back to the colonial times where it was expected to defend your family and property by firearms but times have changed but defending your self isn't. In today's society criminals still lurk in the shadows and thieves are still in existence. If left unattended your hard worked for cash or items of value are still at risk 24/7. It hasn't changed that much in human behavior where the total elimination of firearms is possible.

Free education (college) would be our second major platform issue. We believe that college should be free because it is a necessity to survive in today's society. To make a decent living ( A house, a good car, financial stability) one has to have at least a Bachelor's degree in something to compete with the ever educating population. College shouldn't be an option it should be mandatory for all that wish to live in the U.S. If the entire country was highly educated we might be rid of the crime mostly and the poverty for sure. Our title as the superpower in the world would definitely be unchallenged.

Our technology would far surpass the rest of the world's and our population would become fit. Our 3rd and final key issue is free health care for all. Everybody has a right to live as long as they possibly



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