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Ibd Students Intake 12 Attitudes Toward Fast Food

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Essay Preview: Ibd Students Intake 12 Attitudes Toward Fast Food

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I.        Acknowledgement        2

II.        Introduction:        3

1.                3

2.        Research objectives:        3

3.        Research questions:        3

4.        Methodology:        3

III.        Literature Review:        5

1.        The real situation of fast food consumption:        5

2.        Problem:        5

3.        Cause:        5

4.        Solution        6

5.        Critique and hypothesis:        6

IV.        Major findings:        7

1.        The real situation of fast food consumption among IBD students Intake 12:        7

1.1.        Frequency of having fast food:        7

1.2.        Kind of fast food consumed:        7

1.3.        Amount of money spent on fast food:        8

2.        The reasons why IBD students choose fast food:        8

2.1.        Advantages of fast food:        8

2.2.        Experiences with fast food:        9

2.3.        Suggestions for improvement:        10

3.        Bad effects of fast food:        10

3.1.        Acknowledgement about fast food’s bad effects:        10

3.2.        Effects on health:        11

3.3.        Willingness to try again:        11

V.        Recommendation:        14

VI.        Conclusion:        15

VII.        Reference        16

VIII.        Appendix        17

  1. Acknowledgement

   First of all, the writer would like give my grateful thanks to Mrs. Thu Hà – our instructor, who has unconditionally taught and helped me to complete my project: “IBD students Intake 12 attitudes toward fast food”. It would be unable for me to finish it without your guidance and advices.

   In addition, the writer also want to thank all IBD students Intake 12 who have cooperated, answered my survey and supported me during the progress of this paper.

  1. Introduction:

  1. Background & Rationale:

In recent years, as people are becoming busier and busier with earning a living, they have less time to prepare their everyday meals. This results in the creation of fast food. Fast food is a kind of processed food which is cooked and delivered in a short period of time. Furthermore, there is a variety of choices of fast food for people to choose, including French fries, chicken, hamburgers, hot dog and so on.

In addition, the fast food industry is developing quickly all over the world, including Vietnam. People choose it because of different reasons: fast food is delicious, cheap and, especially, convenient. It takes one person only few minutes to have a have an appetizing fast-food meal. Therefore, people have more time to focus on their own work or study.

However, fast food is coming under criticism for being unhealthy. The writer strongly believe that consumers need to be acknowledged about both positive and negative effects of fast food so that they can make a smart decision for themselves.

  1. Research objectives:

This research aims to:

  • Understand the real situation of consuming fast food among IBD students Intake 12.
  • Find out the reasons why fast food is chosen by IBD students Intake 12.
  • Discover bad impacts of fast food.
  • Give suggestions for IBD students Intake 12 about fast food.

  1. Research questions:

  • What is the real situation of consuming fast food among IBD students Intake 12?
  • Why do IBD students Intake 12 choose fast food instead of home-made food?
  • What are the bad impacts of fast food on IBD students Intake 12?
  • What are the suggestions for fast food?

  1. Methodology:

In order to handle this research, the writer use primary data as well as secondary data.

Firstly, the primary source of data is collected by doing survey. IBD students answer questions through both online survey and paper survey with the same questionnaire. Their answers are later gathered and analyzed.

Secondly, the secondary data is collected from books and online articles, researches on the Internet in order to provide accurate information.

  1. Literature Review:

  1. The real situation of fast food consumption:

     In recent years, fast food is becoming more and more popular as its consumption is rising considerably. According to an article on Palo Alto Medical Foundation (Ransohoff, 2013), over a quarter of Americans eat fast food every day. Furthermore, there are approximately 50,000 fast food chains all over United States and McDonalds is found out to be the largest restaurant chain. There are more than 500,000 fast food restaurants in the world. Children in the ages from 6 to 14 consume fast food 157,000,000 times monthly. Ninety-six percent of students in school are familiar with the image of Ronald McDonald, the face of McDonalds. 



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