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I like to Play Soccer - Personal Essay

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I wish my teacher new that in my spare time I like to play soccer. And I wish she knew that my favorite soccer team is AC Milan. I also wish she knew that It takes me an hour to get to school. I wish she knew that I have been spending a lot of time in the library studying for her class. I like to be prepared for anything just in case. That is one of those things that defines me the most, besides soccer or having fun in general.

I wish she knew that I have a Daytime job, actually two. I work in a pizza place and in a grocery store. I like to spoil myself for the hard work I put in my jobs every day. And I like to give back to the community and being a volunteer in the homeless shelter does help a lot. I like charity work. It’s one of those things you can’t imagine without trying. I don’t often tell people personal things about myself, but on the other hand I feel like it does connect people to let others know something about themselves. It brings people closer. The teachers at the school don’t really know my story so whenever something happens I`d like someone to talk to and I want them to listen. Most of the teachers I`ve had in the past have been unfaithful to me and I do not hope that repeat itself somehow. So, I feel like “trust”, does play I huge roll in my development throughout my time on the property. I´ve never been that person who admits a mistake. I am more the quite one. I keep certain thing to my own and I don’t express them to people, even though I don’t seem that way. So, I wish she knew everything about me. To understand me you have to know what I have been through, and I know that’s completely impossible, but that is just the way I feel about teachers. I don’t expect a lot from my teachers but what I at least want is some respect. I feel like respect and honesty plays a huge role for me as well. That is why I do charity work. It helps me get through the day and the smiles I get from those people just lightens up my day completely. I am usually not the person who asks for much, but I wish that I could be more useful in the world. I want to make a difference among others. I want to be that person everyone can count on no matter what. I want to become the best version of myself and becoming that does requires a lot of hard work and compassion, but I know I’ll get there one day. So currently I don´t really have an any Idea about what is going to happen in the future, but I feel like time will show that people will up their arm for a young gentleman like me. I wish my teacher new that I watch a lot of animation and some manga´s, what people don´t know about anime is that it had that ting, that extra ting that evoke emotional feelings that you can´t explain. Is just when you see it, you will be catch in the moment. I wish my teacher new that my favorite dish is rice with some spicy sauce and Banana. It´s sound bit weird but don´t judge before you have taste. I wish my teacher new that my parents are divorced, and I have six siblings at home to look after, not alone but with my grandmother that is 89 years old and she live also with us. I wish my teacher new that my favorite subject Is English. And right now, in this period I’m a little shy, but should be patient because soon will I take over the class and everywhere you look you see my finger rest up



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