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For my Junior English Research Project. I would look into the different theories of what attracts two people to another. I chose this topic because I just want to know a true, good, and official reason for falling in " love ". Love, Well true love is a one in a million chance of happening. So... I hope to find out what the different theories is most affective and accurate.

Q: What is love?

A: Love is when you have strong deep feelings for someone else and care about that person very much and only want that person to be happy. (Courtney's answer)

Q: How does love changes a person from the beginning until the end?


Q: What are the 9 types of love?


Q: What is Love part 2.



The commitment dimension of love is often viewed as the decision to stay with one's partner for life. Commitments may range from simple verbal agreements (agreements not to become emotionally and/or sexually involved with other people) to publicly

formalized legal contracts (marriage). However, commitment is more than simply agreeing to stay with your partner through bad times. Commitment means being devoted to doing things to nurture the relationship and protect it from harm and to fix it if damaged. Both partners care about each other's needs and must be willing to put each other's needs first--including being willing to make personal sacrifices for the good of the relationship. The partners should be willing to depend on each other and feel secure that each will be loyal to each other and to the relationship.

The emotional intimacy dimension of love is best characterized by feeling love for someone rather than being "in love" with them. The emotional intimacy dimension focuses on liking, friendship, trust and feelings of emotional closeness that result from being able to share one's innermost thoughts and feelings with a partner. Intimacy is achieved through a process by which one comes to know one's partner through increasing levels of self disclosure of one's thoughts and feelings. During the early stages of a relationship when the participants are still getting to know one another, strong passionate emotions may result from increasingly intimate levels of disclosure. Later, after the partners have gotten to know each other well, feelings of closeness, friendship, warmth, and caring will tend to predominate. For emotional intimacy to flourish, both partners must be understanding, open, supportive, and must feel like they can talk about anything without fear of being rejected. As intimacy progresses, the partners will find that they share some degree of overlap in their values and beliefs about life; however, there will be differences in opinion to some degree as well. For intimacy to develop to its fullest, it is essential that both partners be able to forgive and to show compassion and kindness toward each other, especially when they disagree or make mistakes. Mutual respect and trust are



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