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Human Resource Management

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Students in the third year of the course cycle of the bachelor of the business studies (BBS) programme of Faculty of Management are required to undertake a fieldwork and write field report on the Sectoral Management Courses and some of the courses in the concentration areas. The objective of the fieldwork is to acquaint the business students with the reality of the organizations' functioning and to undertake independent analysis and appraisal of the situation. GCM has prescribed Banking and Insurance Course for the fieldwork. The fieldwork should relate to the students specialization and the sectoral electives or studied in the core course.


The fieldwork has to be conducted in an organization by the third year students toward the last quarter of the academic calendar prescribed for the year. For this academic year the appropriate time for the fieldwork would be Poush- Magh 2061. The duration of the fieldwork is around two weeks. Each student has to prepare and submit separate field report. You have to submit two copies of the fieldwork report.


The fieldwork has to be conducted in an organization in the district/ town or village where the campus is located. The student has to bear all the expenses incurred in the fieldwork preparation and evaluation of the report.


The student has to select an organization (private, government, semi-government, non-government organization or a project) and also a topic for the study. The selection of the organization has to match the concentration and elective course for which the fieldwork is a part of the requirement. The topic should be from any area studied in the core courses. The fieldwork should be based on a case study design. It should concentrate on any one of the followings:

(i) An organization's activities, functions and role;

(ii) Any one of the activities or functions of an organization;

(iii) Any aspect or aspects of the activities or functions of an organization; and

(iv) Any other area approved by the concerned department and subject committee.

The information on the selected topic may be obtained through any method(s) of information collection, such as observations, interviews or a small-scale questionnaire survey.


The organization and topic selected by the student has to be registered with the concerned department of the campus. The department shall approve the topic and issue a "letter of introduction" to the student. This letter of introduction will help the student to gain access to the selected organization. The campus department will provide an orientation class to the student on the "fieldwork modalities and protocol". The student has to independently conduct the fieldwork and write a report on the prescribed format. There will be no provision for providing supervision on the fieldwork or correction of the field report.


The size of the text of the field report (excluding cover page, acknowledgement, contents, bibliography, and appendices) should be between 2500 and 4000 words (about 12 to 20 typed pages). The field report should be prepared in English.


The report should be prepared on the prescribed format. For detailed of the report preparations methodology, students may consult the following book:

P.R. Pant, Fieldwork Assignment and Report Writing, Veena Academic Enterprises, Kathmandu, 1998.

or you can see previous field reports at the libraries.


The student must submit two copies of the field report to the concerned campus fifteen days before the date of the commencement of the third year final examination.


There will be an internal as well as external evaluation for the report. Internal evaluation of the report will be made by the concerned department of the campus. The internal evaluation will be made on full marks of 10(ten). After the internal evaluation, the campus shall dispatch the reports to the Office of the Controller of Examination for external evaluation. The COE shall appoint the external evaluator. The external evaluation shall be made on full marks of 15 (fifteen). The marks secured in the internal and external evaluation will be added up to determine the marks obtained by the student on the fieldwork. The pass mark (35 percent) will be based on the total of the marks obtained in the internal and external evaluation. Both internal and external evaluators have to forward written justification to award marks below 40 percent and over 80 percent. Students who once obtained pass mark would not be required to write the field report even if he/she fails on the subject in the final examination.


Office of the Controller of Examination may charge a fee to the student for evaluation of the field report and accordingly pay remuneration to the internal and external evaluators. GCM has decided to charge Rs. 300 (three hundred) for field report evaluations.




Candidate's Full Name

A Fieldwork Report

Submitted to:

Global College of Management

Faculty of Management, T.U.

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of

Bachelor of Business Studies

Gairigaun, Sinamangal

March 2005

Use college letter head

Faculty of Management




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