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Human Cloning

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Human cloning is a major topic in society of which there are many different points of views of weather it will benefit to the world today or whether it will cause many problems. Human cloning is the creation of identical copies of human beings, human cells or human tissue. This generally refers to the artificial cloning of humans as identical twins can be referred to as clones. Many laws around the world have been introduced to control scientists from cloning human embryos for ethical reasons. For many years before now many scientists believed that it wasn’t possible, however many progresses in recent years have proved that it is possible by the fact of the cloning of sheep cows and pigs, and the constant research into the cloning of humans. Even though many experts believe that cloning in humans should never be attempted, but in my point of view I support human cloning as there will be many benefits to it technique such as in situations such as it would be able to provide people who cannot reproduce the choice to have a child, assist in medical research.

Human cloning could be done by the process of

The reason why human cloning would be beneficial is for many reasons such as; firstly it would provide many childless couples to reproduce as for many years couples have been unsuccessful for one reason or another, even though there have been other opportunities such as adoption which has been encouraged with fewer requirements people still do not chose to adopt because they would prefer to have a child that is genetically compatible to them. As with an adopted child there will always be a constant reminder of the fact that they are unable to have children but with human cloning it will seem like they are able to have children as it will have the same features of them.

Secondly human cloning will be beneficial in therapeutic cloning which would provide genetically identical cells for human tissue and



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