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Human Cloning

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Cloning first kick-started in 1996, with the cloning of Dolly, in which there was no male involved in the cloning, and it was the first baby cloned from an adult. Ever since Dolly, hundreds of animals have been cloned. Every single day, scientists are getting close and closer to cloning humans. With the technology today, it is seems more evident to happen. But not everyone believes that we should be cloning humans.

In the United States right now, there is no law banning any kind of human cloning. This means that at this moment, scientists have the right to clone a human if they wanted to. While some believe that we should not ban cloning in the United States, there are also many that believe that we should.

Cloning is one of the biggest controversial topics out there right now. I am generally against cloning, but I can agree with those that are for it in some aspects. I believe that we should stop meddling around with it though, in the sense that we will end up attempting something that we will someday regret. I do not believe that it is man’s destiny to fulfill the dream of cloning. It is against God’s will, and is an unnatural way to have babies. I do not believe we should be cloning our own kind along with any other living creature. I believe that the United States should have a law banning cloning experiments on humans.

One thing that I question about human cloning is whether or not a clone will have the same rights as others. I do not believe that a clone would be accepted in this world, therefore I do not believe that the clone will have as many rights and privileges as others. I also think that cloning will lead to designer babies that will be denied an open future. Clones will not be looked upon the same as humans that are born naturally and therefore I do not think that the United States should allow cloning because it will cause many unforeseen problems that we do not wish to have. Cloning humans would cause much harm to the United States.

Along with cloning come failure, miscarriage, and deformed offspring in early experiments. This is not good for the child in any



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