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Hugh Capet

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Hugh Capet was born in Paris, France in 938 AD. He was the founder of the Capetian dynasty. At the age of 18, his father, Hugh the Great, died, and he inherited the Courtship of Paris and the Duchy of France and also many large estates in Paris and Orleans. He was considered the most powerful vassals in France, and was a serious danger to the Carolingian king, Capet's cousin, Lothiar. He married Adelaide of Aquitaine in 970. In 985 Hugh was the ruler of France but not officially. After the death of Louis V, two years later on July 3rd, 987, he was elected by a unanimous vote to be King by the nobles.

"Senlis' electoral assembly listened to a discourse of Adalberon: "Crown the Duke", he said, "He is most illustrious by his exploits, his nobility, his forces. The throne is not acquired by hereditary right; no one should be raised to it unless distinguished not only for nobility of birth, but for the goodness of his soul"."â„-

Hugh took it upon himself to crown his son, Robert (soon King Robert II) to make certain the line of succession. This followed many years after to the time of Louis VII. During his Reign, he fought Charles I and later became concerned with an argument with the government of the Roman Catholic Church, over the statement of the Carolingian archbishop of Reims. He was known for arbitrating disputes among French nobles and also survived a scheme to betray him to Otto III.

His domestic policy was one that the growth of simple life and the self-government of the monasteries preferred. He protected their property against the dictatorship. He also wanted them to be removed from the Episcopal authority while keeping the royal right to verify the church's elections. He also supported the freedom of the monks to vote.

Hugh Capet died of an unspecified death on October 24th, 996 AD.



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