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Langston Hughes

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Langston Hughes was a smart black man. He was born in Winston-Salem North Carolina. That was also where he attended school, then onto Durham; then to Columbia University in uptown Manhattan. Where one of his instructors has given him an assignment; to “go home write a page, and let that page come out of him, and then it will be true”, that's exactly what he did. At first Hughes questioned himself as to the simplicity of the assignment. He then went on pouring his life onto a blank piece of paper. On this piece of paper Hughes explained his day to day life from how he relates to his surroundings, and other surroundings. “Harlem, I hear you; hear you, hear me---we two---you, me, talk

On this page. (I hear New York too.)" Hughes also likes normal things like any other human beings. Things like eating, sleeping, drinking, and being in love, just to name a few. He also enjoyed the finer things in life as other folks; which was rather far fetched for Afro Americans at this time. On this page Hughes was simply relaying the message, no matter whom, you are, and where you come from that nobody is better than nobody. Langston Hughes just wanted to be treated equally.

I can relate to in some ways. I’m also an Afro-American who was born in the south. I came to New York when I was three years of age. I attended school here. I had what I would call a ruff life growing up. I lost my mother when I was twelve years of age. My father never played apart in my life in fact I never met nor knew him. My older brother was the male figure in my life. At the time of my mother passing I became very inconsolable. My sister took care of me from there on in. At lease till I was eighteen years old, and I love her dearly for that. Around the time my mother pass I was attending junior high school I.S 292 where I mix with the wrong crowd. I started doing things that I wouldn’t do. Just to fit in.

In the later years I would drop out of school altogether, and my life steady on a downward slope. I made all the wrong decisions. I dealt drugs had fights I even serve time on Rikers Island for weapons possession. While incarcerated I realized that the life style that I was living had to change, and fast. When I was released I vowed to myself that I would never put myself in that predicament or any other predicament remotely close to that one again. Since then I grew up and realized that there much more to life than that life style I was living. I became much more responsible and mature.



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