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How To Write A Research Paper

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Essay Preview: How To Write A Research Paper

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Should School drug testing be allowed?

Eye catching quote that agrees with your thesis.

There has always been controversy over the issue of topic of your research paper. Supporters of your thesis believe that it’s unfair and unconstitutional to deprive specific group of people from the right to privacy?? It could b…. However, opponents of your theses disagree with your thesis again because they believe it’s a word against your thesis. They say reason why they belief drug testing should be allowed. This controversial topic has led to the question if there should school drug testing be allowed. The research you are going to read today will attempt to prove that there shouldn’t be allowed drug testing.


One of the most powerful arguments in support that there shouldn’t be allowed drug testing is that there are many statistics that show that allowing drug testing also it is an invasion of privacy. Mark Lewis and Dennis Winslow, Union City couple that is involved in the lawsuit, remark: “___________________________________________”.


School Drug testing is known as a civil right issue because ___________ like this quote shows:




______________________________________ (Bidstrup 28)

This example was chosen because it demonstrates that your thesis. Those quotes show that by not having the right to decide, students are being discriminated from their rights to privacy that any person enjoys by law and by constitutional mandate. These statistics support my thesis because they provide the evidence that allowing school drug testing is unconstitutional. (add something similar to this) They are not giving equal protection to all Americans as it’s guaranteed on the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution. Yet despite this proof, there exists an opposing point of view.


While the thesis states___your thesis__________, there are those that have a different point of view. This opposing perspective uses quotes such as the following:



_________________________________________. (Knight 58)

Evidently, those that are against your thesis believe that there should be____drug testing___________. As proof that there should be ____drug testing_____they talk about_______________. They say that by not allowing school drug testing students ________________________.


In addition, name of aouthor , the director of cultural studies at the Family Research Council that promotes traditional family values, wrote the following viewpoint: “____________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________” However, despite this opposing point of view, there is stronger proof that there shouldn’t be School drug testing.


Even though there are people



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