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How Oxygen Is Transferred In Plants

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Oxygen produced in the plant by splitting the water molecule. Oxygen is a by product of photosynthesis. In the plant oxygen flows out of the stoma. Oxygen is also released through roots. Plants need oxygen for photosynthesis. Plants have adapted to exchange gas such as lenticels. Plants usually don’t use gas exchange at night because they will be wasting c02.

Roots are designed to transport water and minerals to the plant. However, roots can also release oxygen. Roots also gather oxygen from the soil. Roots have a large surface area to gather more water. Which means that the oxygen is dispersed over a large area. The oxygen is returned to the soil. It can also flow to other places in the form of runoff.

Leaves have a wide surface area in order to capture more carbon dioxide. It also helps in the release of oxygen. Leaves are covered with stomas which release oxygen. The stomas work by opening up to let the gases in and out. The cell that controls the stoma is the guard cell. Pair of guard cells gather water and open the stoma. When the guard cells lose water the stoma closes. Oxygen flows out of the stoma when it is open. Also, lenticels are found in the bark and they exchange oxygen and other gases.

In the mesophyll there are spongy materials which hold the air spaces. These air spaces hold the different gases the plant accumulates. From there c02 is diffused in the membrane to be used. While oxygen accumulates as a by product of photosynthesis oxygen is diffused. To be able to travel across the membrane oxygen is diffused. This means that there is a higher concentration of oxygen molecules on one side and the oxygen moves to make the sides equal.

To conclude, roots, stomas, lenticels and guard cells help in the exchange of oxygen. The oxygen is released from the stoma, the lenticels and the roots. The guard cells are responsible for opening and closing the stoma. Oxygen transfers through membranes by diffusion. With



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