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Plant Cell Comparison

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A Plant cell is complex and difficult to understand. A Plant cell is comparable to a party at a mansion. Each organelle which makes up the cell of a Plant is comparable to an aspect of a party.

The membrane in a Plant cell separates the cell from the environment and regulates the molecule passage in and out of the cell. The bouncer is considered the membrane of the party. The bouncers have a list and, only allow certain people into the party, separating who is inside the party from who is not. The person who throws the party is considered the nucleus of the party. This person controls what happens at the party, like what songs will be played and what people will eat. This is comparable to the nucleus of a cell because the nucleus contains the DNA and RNA and controls synthesis of essential chemicals. The endoplasmic reticulum is a network of tubes inside the cytoplasm, the tubes transport materials. The hallways inside the house provide a way for people to get from one place in the house to another. Mitochondria are the site where energy is converted and respiration occurs. In the party room music is played and people dance when it is played. Music is converted to dancing just as energy is converted to useable energy. Ribosomes are the site of protein synthesis, where proteins are manufactured. The kitchen is considered the ribosome's because it is the site where food is manufactured. The Golgi complex is where something is made and released. At the party, party favors were made and given out in a room in the mansion. Lysosomes digest worn out cell components and fuse with food-containing-vacuoles. This is comparable to a party because after the party the butler disposes of the old cans, cups, napkins, crumbs, dirt or any other garbage. During the party the guests coat, purses and anything else they wanted to store, was stored in the closet. This is comparable to the vacuoles in a plant cell because they store substances like



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