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How Does Society View Abortions?

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Essay Preview: How Does Society View Abortions?

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How does society view abortions, and how do these opinions differ? A current life situation, as well as a past and current societal controversy, which I am passionate about expressing, and digging into is abortions. As many know, this has always been both a religious, as well as a feminine rights issue. The reason I have passion about the rights of this topic, is because this is an issue that is close to heart. I have had a few friends in which had to go through this, and experience this decision before, and it of course is not easy. I believe every woman, (and girls in some situations), have the right to do what they want with their bodies, despite religion, as well as judgements from others. Of course, abortions are definitely heartbreaking, yet in many situations they tend to sadly be necessary. Many women who get pregnant at a young age, or at a time where they may not be prepared to, have to go through abortions. There may be times you are not financially ready, emotionally ready, mentally ready, or environmentally ready. These factors are a huge influence on a baby, and a home, and these factors also need to be stable in order to properly raise a safe, healthy baby. Society, has had many different opinions on abortions, and this topic will probably always be controversial, because everyone has different views on the situation. Religion tends to influence half of society, while women’s rights, and feminists also tend to have a big impact and influence on society’s opinion as well. Many people are mixed thoughts and emotions, which I always felt too. It was not until I have experienced this through my friends’ situations, where I could fully understand their unpreparedness in many ways, and could understand their view and where they were coming from. I believe that if you are stable in the factors that I have previously mentioned, and are at an appropriate age of having a child, I don’t see why you wouldn’t have it, or look to see what other options you may have. Sadly, rape, and incest is also a big issue involved with



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