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How Did the Nile Shape (affect) Ancient Egypt?

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Essay Preview: How Did the Nile Shape (affect) Ancient Egypt?

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How Did The Nile Shape (Affect) Ancient Egypt?

Do you know how the Nile River shape affected Ancient Egypt? Well I do and it affected three parts of Egypt. It affected agriculture, transportation, and trade. In this essay you will find out why it affected agriculture, transportation, and trade.

Did you know that the Nile River affected agriculture.“The Nile River had a flood cycle, this flood cycle was Akhet (Flood Season), Peret (planting and growing season), and Shemu (Harvest Season)(Document B).” The flood season affected the agriculture because the fields in the Nile floodplain was covered in water and the plains were fertilized by a new batch of silt(Document B). This new fresh silt made it good for farming because the new batch of silt made the land better to grow crops. The Nile River was a good source of water because it would flood Mid-June to Mid-October. The Nile River was fresh water, and that was where the Egyptians got most of their water.

The Nile RIver affected transportation in many reasons. The Nile RIver gave them transportation to other places. The Nile River gave them a much easier route, instead of traveling by foot they were able to travel in sails or rowers or both (Document C). The Nile River helped the Egyptians figure out a new transportation, which was the making of boats. The Nile RIver gave them more than one way of transportation for example, the boats could travel downstream to the north or travel upstream against the Nile current (Document C).

You may not know, but trade was affected greatly by the Nile RIver. Trade was affected because the Nile RIver offered an exceptionally quick way to transport products to place to place. The Nile River produced some of the products that the Egyptians traded, including water, and water to water the crops. Even though the Nile River had good effects on trade it had some bad too. For example, during the flood



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