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Ancient Egypt

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How has our everyday culture and society of America been impacted by Ancient Egyptian culture and society? When thinking about the way of life during the Ancient Egyptian time period one can only wonder how so long ago would have a lasting impression on a culture today. How the Ancient Egyptian’s culture has carried over into the modern American culture is through their artwork, architecture and politics.

One way the artwork has made a lasting impact on America is through the images they created called hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics is the language in which Egyptians created. This was their formal writing system and through the images used for their writing system stemmed the alphabet that we use today in our everyday English language in America. Another way that artwork has made a lasting impression on American culture is through the architectural route. Las Vegas, Nevada is a prime example of the lasting artistic impression that has been influenced by the Ancient Egyptian culture. The Luxor Hotel is an example because it is shaped like a pyramid. Inside the Luxor Hotel there is a King Tut museum attraction to enter as well. Also all throughout the United States is examples of how Egyptian architecture has influenced the way we build places. A lot of our courthouses are built with the big pillars at the entrance and some colleges have the same type of pillars in their entryways as well. There is a big impact of the pillar type of structures on our funerary architecture as well; mausoleums are a big example when it comes to the funerary architecture. The Ancient Egyptian culture was well known for the fancy eye make-up and flashy jewelry that they created. The bold eye make-up has influenced the American culture. Today many women wear eye make-up very bold that has been influenced from the Egyptians. The flashy jewelry stems from the Egyptian culture. Both the men and women wore great pieces of jewelry to serve as protective icons. For example;



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