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Housing Environments

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To the elderly population of Dalby many say that it is seen a perfect place to retire as it is in the perfect location as it is close to neighbouring cities yet it's far enough away from the hustle and bustle to be a country town. Thus making it a perfect location for those who need the resources of a large city and who also want to enjoy the benefits of living in a tight knit community. Dalby has many assets that would keep up to the standards of those who need these facilities of disability housing and such areas of certain density to meet the needs of the elderly occupants. They also have many activities to meet here needs such activities include local swimming classes, golf, pokies, lawn bowls and many other social activities such as fundraising nights and just simple get togethers. So there is a lot on offer for the aged population of Dalby, but when facilitating these people you must consider there well being and the needs of the occupants.

When finding a unit for Mr and Mrs Webster one must consider many things. Such as,

Built Environments

Before considering a housing plan for this couple you first must consider what benefits they would like to include within their new social environment. On asking Mr and Mrs Webster it was found that they like to

 Play golf

 They Love to garden

 Enjoy Pokies

 Bingo

 Pottery

 Cooking

So when finding the house one must take into the consideration these notes. Dalby offers all of the above requests it has a private golf course that also has golf carts which will suit the elderly as most find it difficult to walk long distances. Pokies and Bingo are in simple walking distance of the retirement village as they are provided at the Dalby RSLA and also at the local lawn bowls facilities. There is more than one lawns bowls facility in the Dalby community there is one located within walking distance of the village, which would be more suited to these home owners. As for pottery there is a local pottery shop just next door to the RSLA which have pottery classes and creativity sessions. As for Mrs Webster's cooking interests the housing areas that are provided for the people of the retirement village are fully equipped with all that you need to fulfil your everyday tasks as a fully functional home owner.

Aged Care

When building a housing area for the elderly it is considered that you must take into consideration the needs and requirements of these people, such as having railings, ramps and specially fitted taps for those with arthritis and non slip tiles. When consulting Mr and Mrs Webster on their medical needs and requests it was found that Mrs Webster Had a hip replacement and walls with a cane or walking frame and that she finds it difficult to walk through thick carpet. So this factor is then taken into consideration so as that Mrs Webster's needs are met by not having carpet in the house and where needed to only have thin manageable carpet as so she does not find it difficult to manoeuvre around her own home. Also as she does need the assistance of a cane it is considered that she would have difficulties moving up and down stairs so then that is also though of as she would then need a ramp fitted so that she does not trip up the stairs and can easily go in and out of her house with ease.

Medium Density

Medium density living refers to about 20 dwellings per hectare. For example housing built on small lots such as town houses, villas or flats less than three storeys high; terrace housing or duplex. This type of housing is considered to be a benefit for those who are a part of the ageing population as they are in close proximity to the resources needed such as the required help such as cleaning of the house and other daily tasks such as washing, the everyday tasks that are taken for granted by the younger population. It is also foreseen that Mr and Mrs Webster enjoy social interaction with others of the same age group, so living in this environment would satisfy there social needs of interacting with friends. It is also seen that many of the elderly who choose to move to a retirement village are for the two main reasons, one because they can no longer care for themselves fully and need assistance in their every day chores, and also because there is a sense of security provided by living in a medium density area. Joan and Henry have found that they would like to live in an environment that is quiet, peaceful, environmentally sound and secure, so this village would fulfil this need as there is the security of living within the village's community. Also as it is a retirement village the elderly population will not have to endure the noise of having neighbours with young children, whose boisterous nature would soon disturb the peaceful nature of the community. These are just some of the benefits of living in the kind of housing, but with this style of housing there are also disadvantages.

It is seen that Joan and Henry enjoy entertaining their grandchildren and their own children. As children are generally very outgoing and boisterous they would find the housing style of this apartment quite un-entertaining and soon become loud and obnoxious due to this boredom. Thus creating a problem for the neighbours as it is found that many elderly people enjoy the quite nature of medium density housing. Another issue that would arise is that as this is a retirement village other people would see this area as a target for theft, as they general population within the area are elderly and do not have the strength to defend themselves against these thugs, thus creating an environment that would be jeopardised of its security policies. Another concern that has been considered is that because this is a retirement village the Webster's would not enjoy the social interaction of youth. As they are surrounded by the elderly people who tend to complain about there problems it is seen as a downfall as they would each become negative without any other age differences to influence their wellbeing or piece of mind on life.

Needs of the Occupants

1. Physical

The dictionary defines Ð''physical' as bodily, as opposed to mental or moral, and also material. When is aid that the physical needs of an



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