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Homework Argument Essay

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Homework improves parents involvement with their child education. In addition, students are able to use independent learning skills. Providing homework allows parents to view what their child is learning and observe how well they might be doing in school . In addition, homework helps parents to see when their child might be struggling and if that struggling is do to a learning disability. Homework is beneficial because it allows parents to be involved in the education of their child and enables parents to discover learning disabilities.

Homework enables both parents and students because parents are able to be involved in their child’s learning. Homework allows for parents to understand what their child is learning and how well they are doing. Take home work is helping children become better learners, “Data from a nationwide sample of elementary students show that parental involvement in homework can improve class performance, especially among economically disadvantaged African-American and Hispanic students.” Children that do homework can learn more while they are in class. Also having parents involvement can allow for the child to increase their grade, “Research from John Hopkins University found that an interactive homework process known as TIPS (Teacher Involve Parents in Schoolwork) improves student achievement: ‘Students in the TIPS group earned significantly higher report card grades after 18 weeks (1 TIPS assignment per week) than did non-TIPS students.’” With parents involvement and the teachers allowing parents to help the students can only benefit they are more likely to succeed. Homework is beneficial because it helps parents understand and learn about their child’s progress in school.

The opposition asserts that homework is extremely harmful for students. Homework is understood to be one of the leading causes of stress for high school student’s. A California poll displays how much stress homework puts on students, “A poll of high school students in California found that 59% thought they had too much homework. 43% of respondents said that homework was their greatest source of stress, and 82% agreed that they were ‘often or always stresses by school work.’” Homework can be overwhelming. Although, the opposition presumes that homework is the leading cause of stress, that doing homework leads to student achievement, “On both standardized tests and grades, students in classes that were assigned homework outperformed 69% of students who didn’t have homework. A majority of studies one homework’s impact- 64% in one meta-study and 72% in another- showed that take home assignments were effective at improving academic achievement.” Homework is something that empowers students to work harder and try to become the best that



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