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Underage Pregnancies - Argumentative Essay.

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Essay Preview: Underage Pregnancies - Argumentative Essay.

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How would it feel to be pregnant? I will never have the chance to find out, thank God, but apparently about 13% of the female students at Timken High School in Canton, Ohio know how carrying a baby feels. The spread of this epidemic must be halted now before many other aspiring students have their dreams dashed by the responsibility of parenthood. Through stronger parental guidance and support, better abstinence programs, and more government action, this urgent problem must be quelled and brought under control by any means necessary.

With many teenagers reluctant to talk with their parents about universal subject of sex, more have become prone to erroneous judgments. This can be changed if parents are able to sit down with their children and let them know of the consequences that come with having premarital sex. The estranged relationships between the students and the parents only exacerbates the problem and has done nothing to slow down the number of underage pregnancies in the nation. Parents must use force, if necessary, to sit the kids down and have a heartfelt talk. It is imperative for both boys and girls to realize the dangerous effects that may come from their trysts. I can say with the utmost confidence that no parents will want to see their 16 year old daughter become pregnant or for that matter, their 16 year old son impregnating a girl. Granted, high school pregnancies have not yet reached the alarming proportions as those of drug use, it is all the more deadlier. While drug usage will gradually degrade a person's life, a pregnancy will destroy a person's dreams and goals in an instance. Just as people are strict about controlling drugs, parents must take the same course of action with sexual intercourse. It is their responsibility to educate their offspring about fornication so that they do not make foolish mistakes in the real world. Getting rid of underage pregnancies must start with the household and it is high time that parents take charge of the situation.

Even if parents were to try their hardest to teach their children about sex, that will still not be enough. The government and schools must now step in and place more effective abstinence programs to ensure that students are bombarded by information on the negative effects of sex. As Timken High shows us, many states have pitiful curriculums that are currently set. It does not make any logical sense to keep inadequate courses in the schools if they do not work! I thought schools and the government were responsible for teaching students information that would help them succeed in modern society and make



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