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Holy Dissatisfaction

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We need more!! We cannot do this with out a baptism of fire! This is life and death; we can’t go on without it. We need more! The stakes are too high, the consequences too sever; too many lives are in danger. We are done with just having good theology and good ideas. We need the transforming power encounter with the Most High so that we may prove that the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. This is a battle, and we need the power of God to be of any use in this. We cannot sit by as the enemy tortures and ravishes Gods beloved once. This is the time to rise up!!

God does not need convincing! He is so sold out for us to manifest His Kingdom on earth, that He send His son. This was His idea, and He is waiting for us to get on board. Will we take Him up on His offer? Will we seek after, with all diligence, the great treasures that He has hidden for us to find?

Because the truth is, we could go on the rest of our lives, as fired up Christians that have great meetings and know lots of great teachings; and never take that fervent step into what God has prepared for us. We could stroll along and think that we have all that is coming to us on spiritual lines. Or we can respond to the prompting that God has to evidently been putting on our harts. Rise up as one, with singularity of focus and purpose to take all the gifts that our Father has planed for us to have; that we may tare down every gate of hell. In the words of little вЂ?m’ “it is about time!”. Time to feel you heart being stirred by your Fathers hand, and push forward with a single-minded resolve. Not content until we reach His standard. He is willing, are we?



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