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Hispanic American Diversity

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Essay Preview: Hispanic American Diversity

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The diversity of Hispanics shares the same language but have many differences. In this research paper the four groups that I will be discussing will include: Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican American, Venezuelan American and finally the Colombian American. The areas that will be discussed will include: linguistic, political, social, economic religion and family conventions and or family status.

Puerto Rican Americans

When leaving the entrance of any train station in the Brooklyn N. Y, you could immediately hear the salsa music blaring from several cars, home and corner stores. The aroma of all kinds of Mexican food fills the air. Looking around the neighbor hood the community is filled with Puerto Rican Americans who take pride in there homeland with flags raging in the cool breeze. Like any other culture the language that is spoken is the identity of the Puerto Rican Americans. The linguistics of Spanish is very important in the community. Like in many Puerto Rican families many children who are born in the United States whose heritage is questioned on a daily basis because of physical traits has had their Puerto Rican heritage traced because of being born with in the United States and has only grown up to speak proper English. This is proof that much Puerto Rican value their linguistic and uses it as part of their identity. (Green, 2000).In the political side for the Puerto Rican American Jose Cabrenas was the first Puerto Rican to be named to a federal court. He paved the was for many other to be able to speak out this is where bilingualism help in selecting a candidate to be nominated into the political system and has achieved a successful election. ( Garcia & Neives- Ferreri 2006). For the social side Puerto Rican American are the most ethnically and diverse amount of people although the colors of their skin differs they are very cordial and friendly group of people who enjoys being social and friendly with other people. The economics status for many Puerto Rican is what leads them to migrating to the United States. Many Puerto Rican American men and women have job such as barbers, construction workers, and contract laborers. As the mainstream American culture began to work many of theses Puerto Rican Americans moved away to other cities taking high paying jobs and white collar professional jobs. Religion is very important to the Puerto Rican American and their families. Most Puerto Rican are Catholics who follow the rival and traditions according to the book. Beside from Catholic religion a small minority practice a version is Santeria this is part of an African American pagan from western Africa. As for the family status for the Puerto Rican Americans husbands and father is always the head of a household. Older siblings are expected to take care and protect their younger brothers and sisters. Respect is always shown to elder and also parents. Female are raised to be defiant and subtle while boys are raised to be aggressive. (Green, 2000).

Mexican American

These groups of people speak the native language of Spanish with speaking this language this was the barrier that stop many Mexican American from achieving success in finding a job by guessing the caller’s ethnic background. These types of treatment toward the Mexican American lead to the term linguistic profiling which lead to breaking the equal opportunity laws. (Rice 2003, pp 3). The political side for Mexican Americans has always been a struggle due to discrimination very few Mexican Americans voted. This lead to less opportunities for theses Mexican American many Mexican American are under the age required to vote other are ineligible to vote due to non citizens. For the social part of the Mexican Americans life there are many holidays that they celebrate to enjoying the social part of life. The 5th of May is a major holiday for them. Religion is quite important to the Mexican Americans most of them are predominately from the protestant faith and a minor is in the Pentecostal group. (Englekirk, Marin, 2003 pp22). As for the economic they work for a very low wages. Most Mexican American work in agriculture and doing odds and end job to make ends meet some of these Mecan American are not legal citizens while some work for contracts and their room and board are provided. Now that the demands for labor has diminished many Mexican Americans are going through and economic struggle ( Eglekirk, Marin 2003 pp 28).

Venezuelans Americans

There is no clear evidence of when Venezuelans moved to the United States. There are approximately 25 languages by Venezuelan Americans. English is spoken n by many people and also spandalish which is a connation of Spanish and English. The political aspects been positive experience for many Venezuelans which has lead them to success in achieving political job and getting great services from the government. The social side for the Venezuelan Americans are based upon achievement they are very goal oriented people and believe in family comes first and work hard toward success. (Walker, 2002 pp1-12)

Many Venezuelan



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