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Heroes In The Making

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Heroes in the Making

There have been many heroes in the Anglo-Saxon society and our society today. These heroes have reflected the general qualities of both societies. From King Arthur to Michael Jordan, people have always had at least one hero to look up to.

There are many similarities between the Anglo-Saxon society and our society today concerning heroes. Both of our societies have many fictional and nonfiction heroes. One fictional hero that the Anglo-Saxons had was Beowulf. He was considered a hero for defeating Grendel and winning other battles. Another hero is King Arthur. He was a real king, but most stories that have been passed down about him have been fictional. He was a noble and righteous man, who would defend his kingdom at all cost. Michael Jordan is considered a hero of our society. He is considered a hero by millions for his talent for playing basketball and his fame. Another hero of our time is Luke Skywalker. He is a fictional character, but looked at as a hero because of his ability to save the universe by using the force. Both of our societies have valued and still value our heroes greatly and consider them respectable role models. We seek out heroes that have certain qualities that reflect our society and our society's ideals.

As well as similarities, there are many differences in the two cultures concerning heroes. What we look for in a hero has changed considerably. During the Anglo-Saxon period, heroes had the characteristics of being noble, loyal, honorable, and chivalrous. Beowulf had all these qualities and more. He gave praise to God for what he accomplished and took no reward for what he had done. In our modern society, it is, for the most part, totally the opposite. We do not care if the person is noble or not, as long as the person is rich, has fame, and is talented. Michael Jordan is rich and has talent but does not hold many attributes that



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