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Garment making

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This part of the course introduces the students to the skills

required for converting fabrics into a sewn garment. It is a very

important skill that gives hands-on experience in garment assembly.

Garment making is an introduction to the basic skill of sewing which

is essential to convert the design on paper into a garment.

Garment making is one of the basic content of fashion

designing. Proficiency in the art of sewing is an essential pre-requisite

in garment making. Therefore, it is necessary to know the techniques

of sewing for producing attractive garments with good fit. Garment

making is thus a technical accomplishment that requires knowledge

of fabrics, principles of clothing construction and skills involved in

it. This depends on the ability to select the correct fabric, colour,

design and accessories to suit an individual occasion. A garment

that is made will be attractive if it fits well and proper attention is

paid to its finer details.



Sewing is a creative and interesting skill. The knowledge of

sewing give a confident feeling when it is applied to the construction of

garments. The earlier method of sewing by hand is not applicable for all

stages of garment making. Therefore, considerable emphasis is given to

machine sewing. There are several machines in the market today, each

with its own desirable features and advantages. Sewing machines range

from most basic having only simple lock stitch to the electronic machines

that use advanced computer technology having various functions for

example piping, binding, ruffling, pleating, darning, hemming and even

making buttonholes and attaching fasteners. A good sewing machine is

required to obtain quality products. One has to be familiar with the

characteristics of different types of machines for selecting appropriate

machine, depending upon the ability and requirements of the person.


Sewing machines are now available in various models such as

domestic model, tailor model, industrial model, portable and cabinet

models. They may be operated by hand, treadle or electric motor.

Hand - Operated Sewing Machine:

This is the simplest form of sewing machine which is operated

by hand. A detachable handle provided to the flywheel is used to operate

the machine. This machine is generally suitable for domestic purpose

because it does not help in speeding up the work.

Treadle Sewing Machine:

This machine is exactly like the hand sewing machine but it is

operated by foot using an additional stand. In this type the balance wheel

is operated by a belt with the help of lower stand, which is driven by

feet. This machine operates faster than that of the hand-operated machine.

This machine is suitable where there is no power supply. When handling

this machine both the hands are free to handle the fabric, speeding up

the work. Even some of the heavy-duty machines are operated by this



Electric Sewing Machine:

This is the fastest sewing machine. One needs practice to handle

it. In an electric machine the balance wheel comes to motion by a belt,

which is attached to an electric motor.


The basic structure of sewing machine is the same whether it is

hand-operated sewing, treadle sewing machine



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