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Here You Are... Sir

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Case study


Corporate Modeler supports Lufthansa Process Management in a range of international projects to outsource labor-intensive business processes. This approach enables Lufthansa to cut process costs by over 30% and establish well-defined procedures across globally distributed locations.


Lufthansa Process Management is a member of the Lufthansa Systems Group and specializes in Business Process Management and Business Process Outsourcing.


In Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), the challenge is not only to recognize which business processes should be relocated, but also how they are handled in detail, where potential for improvement or standardization exists, and how they can be best operated by organizational units in different countries.

Further info


To meet these complex requirements, Lufthansa Process Management uses the Casewise Corporate Modeler both in the project phases - "Plan" and "Build" - and in the subsequent operational phase - "Run". The system is primarily used by project leaders and consultants in the project phases and by process managers during the operational phase. Typically, the sequence of events is as follows:

Business Process Analysis, Improvement and Management

Success by design


Modeling of the business process in its current form, including all process steps, the organizational units and persons involved, the information processed and the IT tools and environment, plus all the costs incurred



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