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Hello Love Goodbye

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                                                               "FILM REVIEW"

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             The movie "Hello Love Goodbye" is all about a love story of two person have opposite characteristics. The two main character namely, Joy and Ethan. The characteristics of Joy is a hard working person she gives joy of every person that she meet and she love her family very much. Joy is the breed winner of her family and she is educated person she completes nursing in philippines  but when she went in Hongkong her work is DH or Domistec Helper. Joy has big dreams of succeeding in Canada or wherever her dreams may take her. Ethan is kind person that he doesn't know what is his goal in life  and what is his become in the future. Ethan is a sweetheart playboy already building a permanent life in Hong Kong but soon he did a big mistake in his life because he escape his responsibilties in his family. After escaping responsibilities all his life, Ethan now wants to commit to a career and to his family (who also reside in Hong Kong). One reason that i like the movie is the flow of it, because every seen/scenario is very intertaining and its give me excitement if what happen in next seen.

              The movie started when the friend of joy promote him a extra job in a bar. Joy doesn't know what is the job that she will work. but she still accept it because she need a money for his family. The work of Joy is to call customer in outside of the bar but the job is to dangerous for him because when police compiscate her ID she will capture, the reason is the VISA is for domistic helper. In that place joy and ethan was meet but on that day also, Joy was chased by police and she run fast, ethan follow him. Joy try to hide in the garbage and police doesn't see him, but when she out of the garbage Joy hear a voice says "STOP GIVE ME YOUR ID" Joy duck and cover  into the ground she always repeated "i'm sorry, im not a bad person" but the voice says "ID" she thought that the voice was talking is a police so that she give her "ID". When she look up he saw Ethan, Joy is very confused of what he said but ethan was loughing and says "Hello kababayan". On that time the police cameback to assured that does the girl was inder but when police arrive, Joy was saw it she have no choice to kiss Ethan, the reason is to cover her face so as she will not suspicion by the pulis. Ethan was shock because Joy kiss him quickly. After the approach of the pulis Joy get her ID and she left ethan that doesn't says anyword. After that day Ethan was can't stop calling everday because he want to pay the kiss that happen last night.  Joy and Ethan soon develop a friendship. The two become each other's joy against the grime and grind of Hong Kong. So much so that when lonely nights come, they fully surrender to each other's comfort. Still, they warn each other: this is just "for now", we are not permanent. Nonetheless, as they overcome more and more problems in Hong Kong together, Joy and Ethan's love deepens. They become each other's savior-helping one another mend their lifelong wounds and realize their ambitions. They wonder, can their "for now" turn to for ever? But what happens when Joy's dreams take her away from Hong Kong? How can their love possibly survive?



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