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Harrypotter And The Goblet Of Fire

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Essay Preview: Harrypotter And The Goblet Of Fire

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Harry Potter - A Book Report

David Cohen

March, 2003


This story tells about an orphan boy who lives with his ferocious aunt and uncle. This

boy's name is Harry Potter. In the wizarding world in which he comes from he is known

as "the boy who lived." After 10 years he is told he is a wizard by a half giant named

Hagrid. At the train station he meets a red haired boy named Ron. At the school, called

Hogwarts, their headmaster Albus Dumbledore tells them "the third floor corridor is

strictly forbidden for all who don't wish to die a most painful death."

Voldemort is a wicked wizard who, in his rise for power, came up upon Harry's house

and killed his parents. But when he advanced on Harry, as soon as he cast the killing spell

it backfired and Voldemort was taken away from his power and his body.

The sorceror's stone is a stone that can bring Voldemort back to his body and turn

metals into pure gold. Early on, Harry and Hagrid go to Gringotts wizard bank and after

Harry gets his money Hagrid says that the package was Hogwarts business, "very secret"

and Hagrid said that Dumbledore told him to bring the package to Hogwarts.

At school, Harry, Ron and Hermione find a book that tells about the sorceror's stone and

Harry figures out from a wizard paper that what was in the package was the stone. And

then Harry realizes, when he is in detention, that a hooded figure in the forest was

Voldemort living on unicorn blood until he can get a chance to snatch the stone.

Hermione figures out that there are enchantments, in addition to a three-headed dog,

guarding the stone. Harry races Voldemort to the stone, but he thinks he is racing Snape,

the greasy-haired potions master.

Harry and his friends later get past every spell and enchantment but Harry on his own

went to face off with Voldemort once more. Harry comes out of the trap door that the

three-headed dog was guarding and finds



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